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Quality Automation System

Quality Automation System: Your Doorway to Next-gen Automation

Automation at scale is becoming the new normal. What’s not normal is that the automation industry is over 30 years old, yet 70% of business processes and software development are still manual.  

More often than not, when organizations begin their automation journey, the primary questions they come across are: what processes to automate? How to automate? Where to start with? How to ensure high-quality automation? While there are tools that address one or two of these questions, there is no single solution that takes care of it all.  

Current automation solutions are inefficient, where chunks of manual steps are automated to lower the costs and enhance the quality of service. While they do offer a few benefits, they leave ample room for innovation and improvement in terms of capabilities, quality, and covering the system’s entire expanse. 

Given that the complexity of the processes manifolds each day, it only makes sense to re-evaluate and reconsider your automation solution. An ideal automation system is the one that answers all the above questions while empowering humans to utilize their true potential.   

What does an ideal automation system comprise? 

The first step in automation is pinning down and prioritizing the processes that are good candidates for automation. An efficient process discovery tool helps you achieve this. Once identified, these processes should be automated using robotic process automation (RPA), so you save your employees from the tedious and repetitive tasks while enabling them to do more rewarding jobs. To ensure the automated processes are of high quality, a test automation solution that does a thorough end-to-end quality check is necessary. An automation system that constitutes all these capabilities makes an ideal automation system.  

Avo’s Quality Automation System (QAS) is the world’s first platform that comprises all these capabilities under one roof. The QAS with its suite of process discovery (Avo Discover), robotic process automation (Avo Assist), and test automation (Avo Assure) products offers a single, smart, and end-to-end ideal automation solution. In a nutshell: 

Process Discovery + Test Automation + RPA = #1 Quality Automation System 

What Makes Avo’s QAS a Distinctive Automation Solution? 

Avo’s QAS is driven by six essential attributes that make it a one-of-a-kind automation solution. They are: 

Resilience: One of the primary challenges of automating a business process is its inability to withstand an unexpected change after automation. The result is often an unstable application which breaks. The QAS offers resilient digital assistants that brace any changes, small and significant, with grit, assuring applications’ stability and developers’ peace of mind. This makes the solution reliable, which is the primary aspect of quality.  

Intuitive: The QAS is designed to offer a seamless and sophisticated experience to its users. Its intuitive, visually appealing, low-maintenance, and easy-to-use interfaces give users a delightful experience — one of the top definers of quality. The feature of offering a visual depiction of the test cases through mind maps further raises the bar. 

Intelligence: While a typical RPA solution mimics the individual processes and automates them, an intelligent RPA solution extends beyond this capability to rapidly learn from the entire process and build digital assistants as needed. Being AI-enabled, the QAS also enables the user to add a new AI skill like data processing or pattern recognition to deliver accurate results. 

Heterogeneous: It is unlikely for a business process to be spread across a single application. The need for an automation solution that can span across heterogeneous applications, environments, or business processes is more prominent than ever. The QAS consistently performs in complex heterogeneous environments, covering the entire expanse of the system.  

Highly Available: The QAS ensures that processes and applications have higher uptime and lesser errors. This enables businesses to offer a better customer experience, get faster feedback, and ensure the solutions leave no gaps. The increased availability also liberates people from menial and repetitive tasks, facilitating them to use their expertise in things that add value and be more productive.   

Low-code to No-code Capabilities: The QAS offers low-code RPA and no-code test automation to autogenerate digital assistants and test cases. With all the manual efforts reduced to a click of a button, it speeds up automation by 50%. High-quality applications get delivered 2x faster with one holistic system that works seamlessly.  

The QAS offers gold-standard, human-centered, top-quality outcomes that free-up people to do more meaningful work, driving innovation and growth. 

If quality means a distinctive attribute, it also means the degree of excellence of something. And Avo’s Quality Automation System combines both, giving quality an all-new identity.  

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