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Avo Assure Product Sheet

Avo Assure Product Sheet




According to Gartner,​ ​the average cost of network​ ​downtime is around $5,600 per​ ​minute. That is around $300,000​ ​per hour. For any business,​ ​$300,000/hr is a lot on the line.
Beyond the monetary costs, IT​ ​downtime can wear on your​ ​business’s productivity levels​ ​– IT on Demand, 2018



Companies rely on modern, enterprise-grade​ ​applications for greater business performance.
If applications for mission critical processes​ ​operate sub-par, it could cost organizations in​ ​the millions of dollars.


A big challenge in application testing is the speed​ ​and effectiveness of quality assurance. Application​ ​testing requires people to repeatedly test applications​ ​to ensure quality. Each time an​ ​application undergoes​ ​a change, a person has to repeatedly test the​ ​application. Manual testing is costly, time consuming,​ ​and fraught with errors.
While automation is the likely answer, current test​ ​automation products are tedious and require​ ​coding – ​eaving you with the extra work.


Enter Avo Assure, designed to provide software quality​ ​and enable continuous testing of applications and digital​ ​assistants without writing code. With Avo Assure, users​ ​can automatically​ ​create and deploy test cases at no​ ​additional cost.
Avo Assure is highly intelligent and technology agnostic,​ ​taking application testing beyond current tools.


  • Achieve up to 90% test automation coverage and​ ​save over 30% of your automation effort to focus​ ​on more innovative tasks
  • Test applications 85% faster than manual testing​ ​and double your application release time
  • Achieve upwards of 2x productivity with seamless​ ​and heterogenous cross-platform testing
  • Enhance productivity by testing applications at a​ ​faster pace and reusing test cases
  • Create end-to-end tests without writing a single line​ ​of code and run those tests repeatedly with minimal​ ​time and effort to ensure maximum coverage


  • Instantly create and execute test cases across platforms without writing code
  • Automatically generate test cases by leveraging Avo Discover to document​ ​steps first
  • Work within a visual test environment that shows you where you are, making the​ ​management of​ ​test plans and scenarios fun and simple without writing code
  • Quickly update and upgrade test scenarios to expand coverage without​ ​starting over
  • Eliminate errors as you change and update applications over time

Design & Orchestration

  • Visual test design
  • Native client & image based​ ​object identification
  • Pre-built keywords simplify​ ​test case creation
  • Shared object & test​ ​repository
  • Test data input automation
  • Debug and reporting support

Client Platform

  • Web-based
  • Mobile – Android, iOS
  • Desktop
  • SAP – ECC & S4/HANA
  • Oracle – EBS mainframe​ ​via emulation
  • API – web services
  • Databases

Integration Support

  • CI – CD integration
  • Jira
  • Microfocus – QC/ALM
  • Q-test
  • TFS
  • Atlassian Bamboo
  • Amazon Mobile Farm


One of the leading financial institutions in​ ​the US, offering banking and mortgage​ ​services upgraded its loan management​ ​system without impacting the customer​ ​experience using Avo​ ​Assure. With Avo​ ​Assure, the bank achieved 100% automation​ ​of its loan processing application within 2​ ​months, enabling execution of 4000+ test​ ​cases every day over the course of migration.​ ​It also reduced the post-migration testing​ ​time by 96%.

A large US commercial property and​ ​casualty insurer transitioned to an​ ​agile and product-centric​ ​development​ ​approach leveraging Avo Assure. 10x​ ​improvement in the automation rate​ ​helped achieve this significant milestone.​ ​With Avo Assure enabling continuous​ ​testing, the applications were made​ ​DevOps ready, reducing post migration​ ​testing time over 90%.

A large fortune 500 manufacturing company​ ​rapidly delivered its post-sale support service​ ​portal and generated 8% revenues using Avo​ ​Assure. It was also able to reduce manual​ ​efforts by 30% and overall project cost by​ ​25%.


Avo Assure enables you to achieve continuous, heterogeneous, and end-to-end testing for​ ​your business applications without requiring you to code. The visual depiction of test flows​ ​through mind​ ​maps further makes your job easy. With significant cost, effort, and time​ ​savings, you are well on your way to liberating human potential and utilizing it for more​ ​creative and higher value tasks.