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A significant factor that contributes to steadily increasing profit margins in any organization is how well it adapts to changes. There are innumerable forms of changes – regulatory and compliance-based, technology-related, business growth and expansion into new markets that give one company an edge over its competitors. Change and adaption is a never-ending cyclical process for all businesses.  Although time, cost and effort play an important […]

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Remote work is here to stay, and there has never been a more critical time for businesses to automate every possible thing they can. 2020 has redefined the way companies operate or perhaps brought forth the areas they could improvise. One of the most prominent innovations that many CIOs are implementing today is automation.   Automation […]

CASE STUDY KEY HIGHLIGHTS Industry Banking The Challenge The bank wanted to roll out new features for its online banking application faster but manual testing bogged down the team’s efficiency and delayed the release time.  The Solution Avo Assure, an innovative test automation solution, ensured 100% automation while eliminating the defect slippages. Benefits 100% test […]

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According to Gartner, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the fastest-growing segment in the enterprise software market. It grew by 62.9% in 2019 to $1.4 billion1. With RPA outperforming itself, year after year, in terms of accuracy, compliance, cost reduction, and productivity, about 72% of today’s organizations want to embark on their RPA journey for digital […]

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In today’s fast-paced market, the only way to compete effectively is by making your IT more effective. Accelerating your software delivery while not compromising on quality is the first step. The primary bottleneck for speeding-up software delivery is manual testing. Be it tedious testing processes, longer test cycles, or failed efforts to keep pace with […]

WHITE PAPER KEY HIGHLIGHTS What is Test Automation? Frequent updates to modern SAP applications have become commonplace and integrating the latest version without disturbing critical business processes can prove to be an operational challenge. However, embracing the power of test automation can allow your organization to deliver applications with higher quality, much faster. PDF VERSION […]