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Large Fortune 500 Bank Saves 63% Costs With Test Automation

CASE STUDY KEY HIGHLIGHTS Industry Banking The Challenge The bank wanted to upgrade its existing loan management system from risk-based to a fully-functional platform without negatively impacting its customers. The Solution Avo Assure, an innovative test automation solution ensured 100% automation within 2 months enabling successful migration. Benefits Application delivered at a 2x faster rate […]

Live Webinar: Optimize, Simplify, and Accelerate your Automation

Join us on February 17th for this live Webinar where you will learn about how text automation helps you achieve the best outcomes.

Recipe to Effectively Scale your Automation Programs

According to Gartner, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the fastest-growing segment in the enterprise software market. It grew by 62.9% in 2019 to $1.4 billion1. With RPA outperforming itself, year after year, in terms of accuracy, compliance, cost reduction, and productivity, about 72% of today’s organizations want to embark on their RPA journey for digital […]

Quality Automation System: Your Doorway to Next-gen Automation

Automation at scale is becoming the new normal. What’s not normal is that the automation industry is over 30 years old, yet 70% of business processes and software development are still manual.   More often than not, when organizations begin their automation journey, the primary questions they come across are: what processes to automate? How to […]

3 Industry-approved Techniques You Can Use to Error-proof SAP Applications

A significant factor that contributes to steadily increasing profit margins in any organization is how well it adapts to changes. There are innumerable forms of changes – regulatory and compliance-based, technology-related, business growth, and expansion into new markets that give one company an edge over its competitors. Change and adaption is a never-ending cyclical process […]

6 Reasons Test Automation is a Game-changer for IT

In today’s fast-paced market, the only way to compete effectively is by making your IT more effective. Accelerating your software delivery while not compromising on quality is the first step. The primary bottleneck for speeding-up software delivery is manual testing. Be it tedious testing processes, longer test cycles, or failed efforts to keep pace with […]