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WHITE PAPER KEY HIGHLIGHTS What is Test Automation? requent updates to modern SAP applications have become commonplace and integrating the latest version without disturbing critical business processes can prove to be an operational chalenge. However, embracing the power of test automation can allow your organization to deliver applications in higher quality, much faster. PDF VERSION […]

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PRODUCT SHEET KEY HIGHLIGHTS Statistic Global robotic process​ ​automation (RPA) software​ ​revenue is projected to​ ​reach $1.89 billion in 2021,​ ​an increase of 19.5% from​ ​2020 according to the latest​ ​fore-cast from Gartner, Inc. PDF VERSION WHY CHANGE Automating business processes has become a​ ​common practice, yet most automations are still fragile​ ​and break when […]

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PRODUCT SHEET KEY HIGHLIGHTS Statistic According to Gartner,​ ​the average cost of network​ ​downtime is around $5,600 per​ ​minute. That is around $300,000​ ​per hour. For any business,​ ​$300,000/hr is a lot on the line.Beyond the monetary costs, IT​ ​downtime can wear on your​ ​business’s productivity levels​ ​– IT on Demand, 2018 PDF VERSION WHY […]

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PRODUCT SHEET KEY HIGHLIGHTS Statistic Per Gartner’s forecast,​ ​by 2023, 50% of new RPA​ ​scripts will be dynamically​ ​generated.A smart process​ ​discovery platform is more​ ​critical than ever in enabling​ ​automation PDF VERSION WHY CHANGE Achieving maximum ROI from automation depends on a​ ​company’s ability to document, prioritize, and optimize​ ​business processes. However, current automation​ […]

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Agenda: The state of automation – Pascal Bornet, IRPA AI Senior Advisor, Former McKinsey Head of AI & Automation CEO perspective – 20-year journey & what’s next – Parth Amin, CEO, SLK Software Introducing automation next – Vidur Amin, CEO, Avo Automation Customer case study – Jane Possell, SVP & CIO, CNA Insurance Automating the […]

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Start saving time and be free to do the work you love by quickly finding the best finance processes to automate.   In this webinar by Christopher Horne, Head of Product Marketing & Customer Success at Avo Automation, you’ll learn: How Avo Automation can liberate you from manual work What processes you can automate first […]