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Manual Vs Automated Testing

Software testing is an integral part of a successful project/product delivery. It is the process of evaluating your software functionalities to validate if they are working as expected. A report from Statista states that around 23% of an organization’s annual IT budget is allocated towards quality assurance and testing1. Rightly so, because quality software opens […]

Frequent upgrades and releases that massively impact business-critical processes define Modern SAP applications. This calls for a scalable, agile, and efficient testing process to ensure flawless execution of these applications.   Test automation involves running tests automatically while utilizing the test results to continually improve applications’ quality and efficiency. From executing test cases to reporting, a […]

CASE STUDY KEY HIGHLIGHTS The Industry Banking The Challenge The bank’s IT team was looking to automate the Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) process – a verification procedure for qualifying higher-risk customers The Solution Avo AssistTM a powerful robotic process automation solution, automated all tasks within the Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) process, shortening the process from […]

CASE STUDY KEY HIGHLIGHTS The Industry Manufacturing The Challenge The company wanted to build adigital customer service portal ina quick span to enable customersand field technicians to collaborateeasily. The Solution Avo Assure, a unique test automationsolution automated the entire manualtesting process and ensured thehigh-quality portal was ready in thestipulated time. Benefits Increased additional revenues from […]

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