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Avo Assist Product Sheet




Global robotic process​ ​automation (RPA) software​ ​revenue is projected to​ ​reach $1.89 billion in 2021,​ ​an increase of 19.5% from​ ​2020 according to the latest​ ​fore-cast from Gartner, Inc.



Automating business processes has become a​ ​common practice, yet most automations are still fragile​ ​and break when an unexpected application or process​ ​change happens. Why? There are two main reasons:​ ​1) the automated process is not as robotic as expected,​ ​and 2) the automation is run in an environment that is​ ​much more dynamic than anticipated.


Per a survey by Deloitte conducted on 400 individuals​ ​across industries, 53% of the respondents were already​ ​on their robotic process automation (RPA) journey.​ ​However, only 3% of them had​ ​scaled their digital​ ​workforce. With a robust and powerful RPA solution​ ​like Avo Assist, you can address this significant gap.


With Avo Assist, you can easily build, design, test, and deploy high-quality digital​ ​assistants to​ ​automate processes of any size. To achieve the true promise of RPA,​ ​Avo Assist works with our​ ​process discovery and test automation products called Avo​ ​Discover and Avo Assure so​ ​automation teams can also capture, document and test​ ​digital assistants for maximum resilience and uptime.


  • Have peace of mind that your digital assistant can​ ​be continually resilient because it can be easily​ ​tested for quality by Avo Assure
  • Automate faster because you can quickly​ ​import processes captured with Avo Discover
  • Accurately identify and interpret field-level​ ​information using intelligent screen-capture and​ ​computer vision​
  • Automate in a simpler method because Avo Assist is low-code scripting with an intuitive UI
  • Seamlessly work across web, desktop, mainframe, SAP, and Oracle ERP applications


  • Mimic the actions people would perform across processes and applications
  • Enable a digital assistant to execute the repetitive processes
  • Enable people to f ocus on higher-value tasks by offloading manual work​ ​to Avo Assist
  • Scale and manage Avo Assist to meet business demands
  • Quickly implement RPA without the hassle of complex system integration​

Design & Orchestration

  • Google Chrome, MS Internet​ ​Explorer, Firefox & SafariGraphical process​ ​design browser
  • Application UI / object​ ​capture and identification
  • Unattended & attended​ ​process automation
  • System management​ ​and bot control
  • Dashboard reporting​ ​& analytics

Client Platform

  • Web-basedWindows desktopIBM Mainframe and AS/400
  • Citrix
  • Oracle Financials

Integration Support

  • JavaScript & PythonMS ExcelPDF
  • JSON & XML
  • Outlook & SMTP email
  • Database – MS SQL Server,
  • Oracle, MySQL, Cassandra​ ​& MongoDB


A large European SAP IT service provider managing a global​ ​service desk reduced its SAP IT service time from 72 minutes per​ ​request to 14 minutes per request using Avo Assist. This reduced​ ​the overall operating cost by 50%. It also helped achieve higher​ ​data consistency, security, and efficiency.

For one of the largest fortune 500 banks in the US, Avo Assist​ ​helped reduce the loan approval time from several weeks to 3–4​ ​days. Automating the loan process increased the quality and​ ​reduced the errors of final reports


Avo Assist helps you work alongside smart digital assistants that work​ ​seamlessly in any environment and withstand dynamic changes. It​ ​liberates you from the mundane and repetitive tasks so that you could​ ​focus on the fun and innovative parts of your job.