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The Quality Automation System (QAS)



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The question we continue to ask is with the automation industry over 30 years old, how is it that 70% of business processes and software development are still manual and brittle? We’ve learned the answer is current automation solutions leave gaps: piece-meal offerings, bots that break, and sub-par capabilities in resilience, simplicity, and intelligence. As time goes on, this scenario only gets worse if customers do not re-evaluate their automation ROI.

At Avo Automation, we’ve made it our mission to address automation challenges to accelerate customer value. To that end, we have built a Quality Automation System (QAS) that unifies quality, simplicity, and intelligence into a single automation solution that allows you to:

  • Rapidly document processes in hours and auto-generate test cases and digital assistants with a click
  • Speed up automation by 50% with simple to use, low-code RPA and no-code test automation
  • Achieve over 40% cost savings and increase employee capacity for innovation
  • Deliver higher quality applications 2x faster with one holistic system that works across technologies

Process Discovery + Test Automation + RPA = #1 Quality Automation System

Run your business faster

Business Processes
· Document any business process
· Automate any process
· Avo Discover
· Avo Assist
· Save 50% of your time
· Be free to do the work you love
Technology Processes
· Automate testing of any application
· Document application flows
· Avo Assure
· Avo Discover
· 60% time savings
· Release quality applications
· Deliver a great customer experience

Unified Capability Unlike Any Other

Process Discovery + Test Automation + RPA = #1 Quality Automation System

Avo’s Quality Automation System (QAS) is the world’s first automation platform to unify process discovery, robotic process automation (RPA), and test automation in a single solution that delivers the following benefits:

Auto-generate test
cases and digital assistants with
a single click

Get one holistic system
to manage automation across
technologies and processes

One simple to use platform with low-code RPA and no-code test automation

These capabilities give you the flexibility to start anywhere, and easily auto-generate test cases and digital assistants for software test automation and business process automation.

Say hello to intelligent Avo Discover

Achieving maximum ROI from automation depends on a company’s ability to document, prioritize, and optimize business processes. The problem is time. Companies spend 65% of their time simply documenting the steps, not optimizing the process. Think about the time you would save if this could be done for you?

Enter Avo Discover, built for anyone to document and prioritize processes, and easily auto-generate digital assistants to handle the process for you. With Avo Discover, users of any business group can work together to easily capture, review, modify, document, and automate a business process in days or even hours.

As a unique benefit, because Avo Discover works with our RPA product, with a simple click, users can instantly auto-create a digital assistant for a newly documented process — a feature no one in the industry offers today.

Process Discovery + Test Automation + RPA = #1 Quality Automation System

Meet Avo Assure for modern test automation

Companies rely on modern, enterprise-grade applications for greater business performance. If applications for mission-critical processes operate sub-par, it could cost organizations in the millions of dollars.

A big challenge in application testing is the speed and effectiveness of quality assurance. Application testing requires people to repeatedly test applications to ensure quality. Each time an application undergoes a change, a person has to perform a test again. Manual testing is costly, time-consuming, and fraught with errors. While automation is the likely answer, current test automation products are tedious and require coding.

Enter Avo Assure, designed to provide software quality and enable continuous testing of applications and digital assistants without writing code. With Avo Assure, users can automatically create and deploy test cases at no additional cost. Highly intelligent and technology agnostic, Avo Assure takes application testing beyond current tools. Current tools do not offer a visual depiction of your test case, are not heterogeneous, and are limited in application coverage.

Process Discovery + Test Automation + RPA = #1 Quality Automation System

Welcome to Avo Assist to automate any business process

Automating business processes has become a common practice, yet most automations are still fragile and break when unexpected application or process changes happen. To achieve the true promise of robotic process automation (RPA), test automation must be tightly coupled with RPA so users can build highly resilient digital assistants that withstand changes and keep running for the business.

With Avo Assist, you can easily build, design, test, and deploy highly resilient digital assistants to automate processes of any size. When used with Avo Discover, designers and developers can quickly turn a captured process into a fully functioning digital assistant.

Process Discovery + Test Automation + RPA = #1 Quality Automation System

Avo is the gold standard for quality-first and human-centered automations that are simplest to use, most intelligent, and continually resilient. Avo empowers employees to happily work alongside virtual digital assistants so they can be free to do the more strategic and fun parts of their job. With Avo’s enterprise-grade Quality Automation System (QAS), customers can seamlessly create, deploy and manage digital assistants for software test automation and end-to-end business process automation.